My name is
- Shireen Anwer.

Born in Karachi in 1957. I grew up in a large joint family with aunts and uncles and many cousins. There being so many ladies in the house, we as children were rarely allowed in the kitchen. But what came out was always so good that I often wondered what they did and how such results were brought to our table.

Thus, began my early interest in cooking. I did not know much of cooking even when I got married – but due to the restriction of long ago of children not being encouraged in the kitchen my interest got the better of me. I began with enthusiasm and zest by joining different cooking classes and then putting 2 and 2 together and making 5 and producing dishes that my husband appreciated and praised.

I was then encouraged by lots of my dear and near ones to begin my own classes which I did in June 1984. I started with Baking and Pakistani and then continued teaching Chinese, Continental and Indian Cuisine through my cooking classes. Since then my collection has expanded to include Japanese, Thai, Lebanese, Italian and Mexican Cuisine; and it continue to evolve with the changing cosmopolitan profile of the city. I have been sharing my experience of cooking through a program “Masala Morning” on Masala Channel that comes from every Monday to Friday. I always share my practical tips with the viewers during cooking in the program. I am always thankful to Almighty Allah for many awards and recognition from Pakistan, UAE, America, and UK due to my experience in Art of Cooking.

Every women feels a sense of joyful achievement when her family sits down to a well prepared meal by her – Hence I trust my collection of these practical and easy recipes will help house wives to add variety to their table. I hope you will enjoy the experience of this website & that you will find your family and friends relish your cooking.

I would like to wish you all success in cooking and joy in eating.

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