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What is Rib Eye Steak?

Rib eye Steak

Do you know what’s the most common and one of the best types of steaks known as? You got it right – its ribeye. People do often call it rib-eye. You get it from the beef rib primal cut. Roast it and it becomes the prime rib. Ribeye steaks are also called beauty steaks, by many. These are tender cuts, juicy, and of course very flavorful – the credit goes to the fat content that happens to be just in right quantity.

Using fast cooking methods is often recommended (at high temperatures) to enjoy its awesomeness.


It’s typically cut from rib six spanning through twelve; can be bone-in or boneless. If bone-in, the steak contains a piece of rib bone. You may often see the bone extending a few inches beyond the tip of the steak muscle. In other case, it may even be trimmed with the meat. It’s not uncommon to find bone-in ribeye steak marked rib-steak.

While the bone-in steak may be difficult to cook, you will thank it later for the added flavor and moisture. It tastes excellent. However, the meat following the rib takes time to cook. Maybe, for that cause, boneless ribeye steaks get more takers.

Ribeye’s make for wonderful steaks that are perfect for fast but perfect dishes. It is by far the most tasty cut you’ll ever find. Yet, choose steaks carefully as the same graded beef can have varying amounts of fat, depending on where it has been cut from.

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