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Homemade Espresso Without Machine Recipe

Homemade Espresso Without Machine Recipe

Homemade Espresso Without Machine Recipe

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Cuisine Italian


  • 3 tbsp Ground Coffee Beans
  • cup Hot Water


Grind & Measure Coffee:

  • Grind your coffee beans to medium fine. Measure out 3 tbsp into a small cup.

Boil Water:

  • Bring the water to a boil and make sure to let it sit for about 20 seconds before using. Pour a splash of hot water into your grounds and let them sit for about 20 seconds.
  • Pour a bit of hot water into your measuring cup and swirl it around to prewarm the cup. Pour it out then measure out ½ cup hot water.
  • Slowly pour the ½ cup hot water over the coffee grounds. I like to swirl my cup in a slow circular motion while I pour the hot water in to make sure everything gets soaked.
  • Steep for 1 minute and then stir the coffee at least 10 times so that the grounds mix in and you introduce some pressure. Let it steep for two-three more minutes*


  • Pour through a fine mesh strainer into another pre-warmed cup. Let the coffee sit for 30-60 seconds to let the sludge settle.
  • Prep to drink by slowly pouring into your drink or cup. Being careful not to pour the bottom bit of sludge into your drink.

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