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Things You Should Stop Storing in the Fridge

stop storing in fridge

For most of us, fridge space can be hard to come by (especially these days, as we’re trying to stock up on enough food to last us at least two weeks). One way to save space: Pull out the stuff that doesn’t actually need to be in there. Here are three things you should stop storing in the fridge — and where to stash them instead. While these items aren’t giant space-hogs, they’ll at least help you make room for, say, a few hard-boiled eggs.

Things You Should Stop Storing in the Fridge

1. Batteries

There’s lots of conflicting information about whether the fridge is the best spot for batteries. The idea comes from the fact that batteries should be stored in a cool place. But, according to the Energizer website, they should be in a cool, DRY place. And refrigerators are not especially dry. “It’s not necessary to store batteries in a refrigerator,” the website says. Instead, keep them in a drawer that’s away from your stove and dishwasher.

2. Coffee

Condensation in the fridge is your coffee’s worst enemy. Keeping beans in the fridge might seem like a way to preserve their freshness, but moisture created by condensation will ruin the flavor. Plus, the beans will likely absorb the flavor of surrounding foods in the fridge. Opt for room-temperature, dark, and sealed storage instead.

3. Nail polish

Storing nail polish in the fridge will extend its life — as long as you leave it in there for weeks at a time. If you use it often (taking it out and letting it come to room temperature and back), then it really makes no difference. Instead, store your most frequently used stuff in a drawer or basket.

Got anything else to suggest? What are some other items that people should take out of their refrigerators? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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