Homemade Falooda Recipe

HomeMade Falooda Recipe

HomeMade Falooda Recipe

Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Cuisine Pakistani
Servings 5



  • 1 litre Milk
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 tbsp Cardamom Powder
  • 1 tbsp Rose Water
  • 2 tbsp Pistachio, Crushed
  • 2 tbsp Almonds, Crushed
  • 1 cup Khoya
  • 4 threads Saffron
  • 1 cup Cream


  • 1 packet Colorful Vermicelli
  • Water (For Boiling)


  • 1 packet Green Color Jelly
  • 1 packet Red Color Jelly
  • Water (As Per Needed)


  • 1 cup Basil Seeds
  • 3 tbsp Red Syrup
  • 1 cup Pistachio Almonds, Crushed
  • 1 cup Condensed Milk


To make kulfi:

  • Heat milk in a small pot, add sugar and mix until dissolved.
  • Then add cardamom powder, rose water, almonds, pistachio and cook on low flame.
  • Add khoya and cook until dissolve.
  • Add saffron and cook until the milk thickens.
  • Add cream and stir.
  • Pour half of the kulfi in steel cups and let it set in the freezer for 8 hours or overnight. Save half for later.

For vermicelli:

  • Boil water in a small pot, cook vermicelli until al danté, and keep it aside in cold water.
  • For Jelly: In a small pot heat water and add the jelly mixture and cook. Once dissolved, cool the mixture and let it set in the fridge.

For Assembling:

  • In a serving bowl add reserved kulfi mixture, then add jelly, cooked vermicelli, soaked basil seeds, condensed milk, kulfi pieces, red syrup and repeat layers 2 more times.
  • Garnish with mint leaves.
  • Enjoy!

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