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Fish kebabs Recipe

Fish kebabs Recipe

Fish kebabs Recipe

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Cuisine Pakistani
Servings 5


  • 700 gm Fish Fillet
  • 1 litre Water
  • Salt to taste
  • ½ tsp Garlic Paste
  • 3 Potatoes, Cubed
  • Oil (As Per Need)
  • 1 Onion
  • 2 Green Chilies
  • 1 tsp Ground White Pepper
  • 1 tsp Red Chili Powder
  • 1 tsp Paprika Powder
  • 1 tsp Ground Black Pepper
  • 1 tsp Lemon Juice
  • 1 Egg
  • Bread Crumbs (As Required)
  • 1 tsp Chili Flakes


For Fish:

  • In a small pot add water, salt, garlic paste, and fish fillets and boil on a medium flame for 5-10 minutes until cooked. Now strain.
  • Then in a bowl mash the boiled fish fillets gently and keep it aside for later use.

For Potatoes:

  • In a small pot add cubed potatoes, water and boil for 5-10 minutes until it is cooked.
  • Then in a bowl mash the boiled potatoes and save it for later use.
  • Now, heat oil in a wok and saute the chopped onions until it is translucent, then add chopped chilies, stir fry and save it for later use.

To make kebabs:

  • In a bowl combine mashed fish with mash potatoes, fried onions and green chilies
  • Then add the salt, ground white pepper, red chili powder, paprika powder, ground black pepper, lemon juice, beaten egg and mix well.
  • Now wet palms with a bit of oil, take the mixture and then make round kebabs.
  • For coating, in a bowl of bread crumbs add salt, chili flakes and mix.
  • Then coat each kebab.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan and fry the kebabs until they are golden brown from both sides.
  • Enjoy!

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